Thursday, May 30, 2013

First ever Stroller Warrior "run" (ok really walk)

So one of the many things I have found facebook pages for here is called Stroller Warrior.  This is a free military focused club were ladies get together at stroller friendly parks go for a run then afterwards do a core cardio circuit while kids play.  Today I decided to try and find the location they were meeting at.  It said it would take less than 20 minutes so I gave myself 30 - um 1 hour later I made it:)  Getting lost here is painful as the road are so tiny it is hard to make u-turns.  The first parking lot I passed had no Y's on the license plates so I knew that wasn't them then I started noticing lots of Y's so I parked.  I threw Kelly on my back and let Molly and Riley ride.  Right as I was getting everything settled I saw a lady pushing a stroller so I yelled out - "are you part of stroller warriors??" and she was!!  She was running late and graciously let me walk with her and showed me the ropes.  We didn't do the whole 15 minutes out and back so that we wouldn't miss the whole cardio/ play time.  The girls loved playing with TONS of kids while I did burpees, push ups, squats and lunges and thought man this humidity is no joke:)  They even had cake for the May birthdays which was a big hit for the some little people.  After playing at the park we joined the ladies and kids at the coy pond where some kids shared bread for the girls to feed the fish.  All in all it was a great time and I can't wait for my next workout - but Kelly on the back and 2 in the stroller  mean no running for me:)  Maybe once preschool starts!
Post run fun - Kelly got the stroller

Seriously over 30 ladies with kids.
And I actually talked to at least 15 of them

Loves her moments of independence

Molly climbed to the top -all by herself!

Thinking you throw me on your back and walk
and now I am stuck in the stroller

Loving the hat


Feeding Fish

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