Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Car love

I have had some awesome cars in my time - at least to me.  My Ford Taurus was amazing and I drove it for a good 10 years of my life.  Now in theory it was my mom's car but she didn't like driving "low" to the ground so she gave it to me and drove her conversion van.  Since I am the baby it just made sense for me to take it to college instead of cluttering my parents drive way so I sacrificed and took it (my brothers might not feel the same but they are the baby of the family now are they). That car was by my side for many years - I remember my first oil change in college which costs me more than $120.  I called my dad after (should have done that before) and asked if it would cost me that much every three months only to find out you answer NO to the oil guy when they ask about changing x,y &z or they will take you for every penny you have.  One summer while Jon was off playing Army man the door stopped working and I had to bungee cord the door shut while driving - that was fun! 
After the Taurus came the CRV - we had to get something all wheel for AK.  And I loved my glacier blue CRV that took my on many adventures and brought Molly home from the hospital.  Nothing crazy in this car but we only had it for 2 years.
Then we had Riley and soon found out Kelly was coming along and realized that CRV couldn't hold a family of 5 so we got the swagger wagon.  Doors with clickers, Bluetooth, seats folding completely down and overall awesomeness. We got version 2 when version 1 came to an untimely demise on a trip and still I took pride in my cars and loved them.
Now I have a 1998 Honda Odyssey that does not have clickers or sliding doors or 16 cup holders or Bluetooth or anything remotely luxurious.  BUT at the PX I found a tape thing that I can now listen to my iPhone and talk through my sound system.  You heard right a TAPE DECK that is my high tech radio system in the car.  So I may not want this car forever but I am thankful for God's provision in the little things like the ability to listen to my iPhone through the tape deck.  Which is good since the 2 cup holders it does have won't hold my water bottle only a 12 oz drink.
Don't be jealous you can't work around your tape deck!!

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