Monday, May 20, 2013

Stuff is here!!

2 things have hit - Rainy season and our stuff!!
Rainy season means it randomly downpours at some point each day.  Umbrella's work better than rain jackets since it comes for about an hour or two then stops and if you have your jacket you get too hot and look silly.  Of course if you don't have either you look like a drowned rat as my mom would say:)
Our stuff came on Saturday.  I had it in my head every box would be unpacked that day - Jon had that we would open the ones we could organize.  Guess who won?? Me.  Our Japanese packers had everything out of the truck in 1.5 hours and loaded in our house. That was 1 hour after I had dropped the girls off at our friends so I left them for another hour so I could work on the kitchen since I thought it would take at least 4 hours to unload the truck.  Our friends wore the girls out so the little two came home and took a 3 hour nap while Molly played and Jon and I opened boxes.  Jon was upstairs and didn't really believe I would just open and unload every box but he found out when he came downstairs how serious I was.  My thought is you can't organize if you don't see the whole picture - Jon can't function in severe mess.  We came up with the plan of going out and wearing the girls out more once they woke up then put them to bed without ever touching the stuff all over the house and it worked! 3 days later stuff still is not fully organized but the boxes are emptied since I know if I don't go crazy the first few days we could have boxes around forever.  We still have double furniture from the loaner gov't furniture which makes it hard to organize you know with 6 dresser, 5 night stands, 3 beds, 1 couch, 2 loveseats, a kitchen table, 7 chairs and a desk all taking up space that I will have to put stuff in later:)  Hopefully by next week I will have pictures of finished areas but here are some from work in progress.
Every girl needs boots for rainy season.  They picked matching zebra boots.

boxes, crayons and rain - a great combination!

Can't take off the new boots but loves playing in the fort

Boxes broken down except those holding paper

Taking fashion lessons from big sis!
All while bringing me secret messages from Fort McP

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