Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I got to remind myself to be thankful - and part way through the day get an attitude adjustment.  I was hoping for at least a card but in the end it has been better. We had kolaches and donuts for breakfast, got to Skype both of our parents, had a bbq at chapel where I got uninterrupted adult conversation and then drove around town by myself.  I will have to say the bbq did not excite me until we got there and Jon dealt with the kids and I met people at chapel I haven't talked to yet.  It was a great time to meet other families and connect.  On the drive home Jon said he would take the girls and go somewhere but I decided it would be best if the little two slept and I just went driving to who knows where.  I ended up going to the Target of 100 yen stores and getting some fun things to try out:)  And now Jon walked in the door with gifts from each girl: house slippers, an awesome pot and a rice cooker!
Yesterday we went to the aquarium on the island and it was a blast.  There was a ton of things to do outside and the whale shark was huge!! 
And finally Molly smashed her face into a sink at the doctor's office while waiting for Kelly's one year appointment.  It is getting darker each day so I am taking pictures!
adult conversation - every mom's deepest wish

inside a traditional Okinawa house

being eaten by shark

Tank with the whale shark

the face of a happy man

Molly, Riley and a stand in for Kelly
Day 1

Day 2

day 3

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