Thursday, May 2, 2013

Farmer's Market, Egg/miniZoo and awesome parks!

Today was our day to run a few errands and then have some fun.  We ran to the farmers market to get our fruits and veggies since they are cheaper and better than what we can find on post.  Then for some fun we went and bought our eggs and the mini zoo and got some ice cream.   After that we ran home to drop off the goods and get some lunch.  One thing I miss about speaking the native language is the ability to go through drive through.  Instead of getting something fun to eat we just ate peanut butter sandwiches at home then got back in the car for round 2 of the day.  Nap schmap I just told them to rest in the car while we went to the park.  Wow the parks here are AWESOME!!  No safety things just good old fun - rocks to climb on to go down slides and roller slides.  The girls had so much fun and loved playing there.  We have a few incidents where Riley tried to climb in front of the super fast slide and Molly took a kid out at the bottom when he decided to climb up when she was going down but other than that it was all fun!  Both the little 2 crashed and are now sleeping probably until dinner but Molly is with her friend Caroline playing.
The super fast slide - don't be caught off guard at the bottom
Roller sliding with my buddies
sweet potato ice cream - tasted too nutty for Molly

Inside of the cream puff - YUMMY - Kelly didn't share as much as I thought she would


The rock wall to climb up to the slide.
You can also use that to climb to the roller slide or use the stairs.

Love that the girls had fun with others and they were all laughing

Cheesy hat I bought Jon yesterday.
Foreigners have a Y on their license plate - hence the Yankee plate club

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Bert Burt said...

Never a dull minute in the McPherson household. Glad everyone is having a great time