Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Celebration - A National Holiday!

Kelly's birthday happens to fall on the final day of Golden Week here in Japan and that means there were plenty of places for us to party with a whole lot of people.  The entire country shuts down for the week to celebrate children - how nice.  We have seen families at parks, beaches and today a coliseum filled with families.  I ventured to Adventure World which promised to have penguins, robotic Hello Kitty, pools, snow, bounce houses, and so much more.  It lived up to the hype but I must say not being able to communicate or read the signs is a little nerve wracking when bringing your precious cargo.  It didn't take Molly or I long to realize how they wait in line - you take your shoes off and sit in line in font of the bounce house you want to go in.  Riley however was a different matter - she would sprint to the nearest bounce house and the security would have to hold her back until I caught up and got her (oh boy)!  We watched some of the entertainment - a clown that Molly really wanted to get a balloon from but it just didn't happen, dragon dancers and hip hop dancers.  We looked at the snow but I couldn't bring myself to pay $10 bucks for my kids to ride the sled on 1 inch of snow.  One thing I have noticed is that in this culture it is the norm to pack your lunch and picnic anywhere and everywhere so we picnicked at the pools and everyone loved lunch.  We came home for the birthday girl to get a nap since we planned on going to the hospital to meet Nicolette the newest member of the 1-1 UMT who was born this morning.  And we finished the night off with cupcakes as a family!  A great way to celebrate our little girl who loves life.

Birthday Girl

Makman - getting the final washer for the bunk beds

Playing in the pools
The white enclosed area is the snow place

One of the many bounce houses

Finally figured out the waiting in line thing

Looks yummy
Yep - that was yummy
Can I have a birthday tomorrow?

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