Sunday, February 1, 2009


It has been snowing on and off for 3 days now. Living on base you have to keep your driveway and sidewalk shoveled - if you don't you can get tickets and supposedly kicked off base. Needless to say three days of snow when you have to shovel and worry about the crazy drivers on the road aren't as fun as three days of snow when you were a kid with no worries.
BUT not last night!!!
We went to the movies with our friends Vince and Ashley and afterwards when we got to our house we thought it would be fun to throw snowballs at some of our other friends who live just down the street. One thing about Alaska snow - it is a DRY snow so making snowballs was more difficult than we thought. We picked up some of the snow that had been plowed and snuck around to the back of their house where we could see the tv on and started throwing the snowballs. It only took a few for them to start looking around for what was going on - as we were making our escape in the front they sent their dog to attack us (really lick us since she knew everyone). Then we went in their house for some hot chocolate and coffee. While hanging around they gave us the great idea of getting another friend who lives down another block. This time we wanted to have a game plan so we went back to the house to get ready. We made the snowballs in the kitchen sink - Jon brought in snow while Vince, Ashley and I got it wet to form slush balls (much easier to throw - just a tad more dangerous) then we headed out in 1 degree weather with our 10lb bag of "snowballs". As we approached the back of their house their neighbors were having a bar-b-que party but don't worry they didn't even pay attention to the 4 people in black hiding behind the power box throwing snowballs at the house- they just ignored us. So we attacked their house until they found us out and then went in for some warm apple cider.
That was probably one of the funnest nights I have had in awhile and I think we will have to do it more often because the hot chocolate and apple cider were definitely worth it!

Volcano Update: still brewing and the glacier around it is melting faster than they expected but no eruption yet.


Anonymous said...

How cool is it that when Molly is older you'll be able to tell her the cool story of the volcano that erupted when she was born? Sounds like you guys had a fun time in the snow. I wish we had snow...but don't tell Kaitlin that.

Stephanie, Dave, and Abby said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm actually a little jealous I wasn't with you. And yeah for having random friends who are cool enough to do that stuff with!

Mandy said...

What fun! Glad you can make the most of the COLD weather :)