Monday, February 9, 2009

Is this nesting??

Today was my first day with nothing to do and no car to get anywhere so I got to hang out at home all day - oh boy! I am also on moderated bed rest as of my last appointment so I guess hanging out at the house is good for me. Jon did come get me to take me to the JAG (military lawyers) office to get our wills set straight so that if something happens to either of us Molly is taken care of - how fun to think of. While it is not fun to write down what happens to your child, money, things if you die at a young age I know that it is good - especially after getting to be a part of the process working in development.
SO - what did Ashley do all day you ask????

I made shoes!!! It took 2 hours for the first shoe and 30 minutes to complete the second one. My next ones will have more decorations but I just needed to work on the basics this time.

Made burp clothes! That way Molly can spit up all over those and not my clothes.
Hung up her wall hanging (Jon did this) so that her room is COMPLETE!!
Put the finishing touches on our guest bedroom so when family and friends start coming they don't have to sleep under covers that are stained and torn.


Bert Burt said...

What a day – first drawing up a will then being a seamstress! Molly’s shoes and burp clothes looked very nice. Obviously you made great strides in learning if shoe #1 took two hours and #2 only took 30 minutes. Glad to hear you were productive while still following the doctor’s guidance. Look forward to having Molly model your creations for her made during the “nesting period.”

Mandy said...

I love the shoes! Can you send me directions? Happy nesting :)

Beth Pritchard said...

Wow Ashley! I might have to hire you to make some shoes for our new baby. Those look great!

N.Ward.Designs said...

Im way way impressed. Guess those afternoons at the babysitters really payed off eh.