Saturday, February 28, 2009

Newest Army Brat

The last post was by Jon - the much more eloquent writer in the family. Here are the pictures of us coming home and a few other fun ones.

Leaving the Wolf area where Molly and I were holed up for 46 hours to make sure we would be alright.

Molly's first non-government issued outfit - the bunny toes are our favorite!!
Molly in her Army brat outfit and daddy

Can you see the camo baby?

This was after Molly's first bath - let me tell you it is great to have family that you can learn from. We are slowly learning how to be parents and how to do things - luckily Molly is pretty calm and ok with us learning on her. She however does like to turn into a completely different baby come 11pm at night until 7am - she turns into THE CRIER! I am thankful for grandparents and a husband - between the 4 of us we are able to get enough sleep to survive and make it through those fun night hours.
For those of you that were wondering no we are not going to all the fun Fur Rondy things I thought I would be able to go to right after having Molly - recovery time takes a little longer than I thought. Luckily some friends took Jon's parents for a few hours of fun so they can tell us all about it - next year Molly and I will go experience it all first hand.


Tressa said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Its amazing that you can put a bow in her hair! Who would you guys say she looks like? I cant tell at this point. She looks so big! How much does she weigh? She is so adorable! Praying for peace and grace during this adjustment time.

Mandy said...

Precious Army Brat pics! I am so impressed she can wear a bow already! Happy recovering and learning.

Beth Pritchard said...

I am so jealous that you can put a bow in her hair! By the way, I was sick all weekend so I didn't get to do Fur Rondy either. We'll both go next year!

N.Ward.Designs said...

Doesn't get much cuter than that!!

Emily said...

She is a little beauty! Congratulations! I am so glad that I saw the pics on FB and linked to the blog. That Army brat shirt is too cute.