Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Carnival Fun and McPherson's made it!

Today the base had a Winter Carnival at the sledding hill. You got free rides up the mountain to go tubing, there were dog sled rides, a hockey shot, food like reindeer sausage and many other fun free things! We met up with our friends at the hill to have some fun.
Jon coming down the half pipe
Jon at the bottom of the half pipe which they let us all tube down today - yes us. All 9 people in our party went down the hill in a tube don't worry it was perfectly safe.

Tina getting ready for her snowmobile ride through the woods

Olivia going over the stopping mound at the bottom of the half pipe
Olivia and Tina getting ready for the snowboard limbo - if I wasn't pregnant I would have tried this one but I don't think I could bend that low

Jon and I before our scanoe race - yes we rode down the hill in a canoe. We lost the race but didn't fall out of the scanoe or cause Molly to come out.
Vince and Ashley beating Jon and I to the finish - Jon had to get out and push to get us into the orange finishers circle.

After our loss at scanoing we headed straight to the airport to pick up Jon's parents. We took a scenic tour of downtown, came home for a few minutes and then took them to Bear's Tooth. This is the theater/restaurant in one. We saw The Tale of Despaurx and then came home so they could get to bed. They had been up since 5am Eastern Time so it was close to midnight before we let them come home and relax. Since I was exhausted and I have only been up since 9am Alaskan time I know they must be a little tired.
Waiting for our food and the movie to start!

We have until Wednesday when they induce me to get as much in as we can. Tomorrow we are going to watch some Outhouse Racing! We will be taking the McPherson's out to see the town and all the random fun they can handle for the next 3 days then we will let them see their granddaughter!!

Molly update: She is still in, I am having a few contractions but nothing major. She has such a sense of adventure that is why I am doing all the sledding and tubing and scanoing - it is my "cravings" - some people crave food - Molly craves FUN!!! (or at least I can blame her right??)


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! How was the movie? I'm interested in seeing it. We have it on our Blockbuster queue for when it comes to DVD.

Tressa said...

Oh my! I cant wait to see Molly! Not too long before she is here!!! Have a great few last days!