Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Fatal Valentine

Last night we went to a murder mystery dinner theater with our friends Vince and Ashley. It was My Fatal Valentine NOT My Bloody Valentine 3-D - please do not get those two confused! This murder mystery was about authors coming to win the Love Knot award (fake award and fake books) and in the middle of the show one gets shot and we had to decide who was the murderer. When we entered they asked if one of us would be willing to read an excerpt from one of the books during the show - after some persuasion by the host Jon agreed. Jon hammed it up - he was so funny none of us could look at him without laughing and the crowd clapped the loudest after he finished reading and the actors even came up afterward and told him that he should think about theater. Basically he channeled his inner child from the Journey and got a year's worth of skits out on stage at the theater. His novel was Passage to Savannah and here is one of the lines: "Delaney tossed her head and sniffed before she turned on her heels and walked away. Chance placed his large hand on Bliss's tiny waist and his black eyes burned in to hers."
I forgot my camera - how sad!!!! So this is the best I can do a picture of the program and the excerpt Jon read. Ashley our friend was the only one at our table who guessed the right person the rest of us guessed wrong.

Volcano Update: It is not as much of a threat anymore it has settled down again

Molly Update: After a 2 hour appointment yesterday we know everything is good with Molly. I know get to go 3 times a week until she comes because of the gestational diabetes. I will get 2 non stress tests where they watch her heartbeat for 20 minutes and 1 doctor visit a week - oh boy! They talked about possibly inducing at 39 weeks so she may be 3 weeks away now instead of 4!

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