Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Denny's and Operation Enduring Freedom

In case you didn't know yesterday Denny's gave away FREE Grand Slams from 6am - 2pm. It also happened to be the day that we had our official farewell ceremony for Operation Enduring Freedom - the name of the deployment Jon is leaving for. On our way to the ceremony we went to breakfast at Denny's with our friends Vince and Ashley.

Jon and I getting ready to enjoy our FREE breakfast.
The total bill for 4 people to each at Denny's - the drinks were not free. $6.25 is not bad for 4 people to get completely full!!
Jon and I at the Sullivan arena after the ceremony
As part of the ceremony they case the battalion flags. This is right after the flags were cased - they will not be pulled out until another formal ceremony overseas and then again next year when we welcome home the troops! 3,500 men and women are on their way as of yesterday and they should all be in place sometime next month.
Governor Palin was one of the speakers - here is our closest picture of her.

Fun things going on with the McP's
*Jon is jumping out of airplane today
*Ashley is attempting to make Molly a pair of shoes (yep make)
*Friday we go for our 36 week visit for Molly at the hospital
*Jon is helping me with children's church and we are going over the Armor of God since out of 16 kids 14 have a parent deploying. It is fun to be able to bring in the armor the kids parents wear and talk about how God calls us to wear spiritual armor that is similar to fight against our invisible enemies - these kids understand war and what it means in a different way than most.

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Bert Burt said...

Free food at Denny's - what a great way to start the day!
Nice picture of Gov Palin - glad to she was supporting the deployment of 3,500 troops.
Jon jumping out of an airplane, you making shoes, and both working on children's church - quite the busy family. I am sure the children will enjoy the Armor of God activity you are planning.
Look forward to seeing all the sites in AK with you and Molly.