Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shoes and Funny outfits

Here are Molly's newest shoes - I got a little bit more creative on this pair and sewed on some ribbon to add a little color. I was at JoAnn's the other day and for $10 I have enough material (cloth, ribbon, buttons) to make at least 10 more pair. It took me 45 minutes to complete this set so I am getting faster:) Making the shoes is my compromise to Jon saying Molly wouldn't wear shoes until she could walk - he is ok with $10 for 10 shoes but not $10 for 1 pair.
Do you see anything out of the ordinary?? The big blob is not a snowman but Jon in his Arctic Cammo on our back porch.
This is Jon doing his impersonation of the guy in My Bloody Valentine 3-D - or just wearing one of the many outfits he is packing to take downrange (war zone). We have had some fun taking pictures of the many outfits he will be packing.

Molly update : Jon brought home a cold and shared it with Me so Molly and I have gotten to go to the hospital to make sure everything is ok - so far so good but I will be thankful with I no longer have a fever, coughing or just feeling crummy!


Thomas Roten said...

Jon better be careful with those outfits when Molly is around, might scare her. I hope you guys are able to do some major geocaching this week before Jon leaves. I guess Jon will beat us big time when he gets geocaches from another continent pretty soon..

Bert Burt said...

Molly will have a pair of shoes for each day of the week with extras for the weekend at your current pace of sewing. Ten pair of shoes for $10 is a bargain by anyone’s standard.
Jon certainly does have a very large collection of outfits – getting those all downrange will be challenge especially when you consider that 3,500 troops will also have that much equipment.
Hope your cold is better soon.

Mandy said...

Love the shoes! You definitely have to teach me (I guess via email since I can't fly up and you can't fly down currently :) ). Hope you guys feel better soon!