Monday, February 16, 2009

Moose and Pranks!

Yesterday when getting ready for church we looked out our kitchen window and saw this. That would be a moose looking over a neighbors fence - they sent their dog out and it scared off the moose. Moose DO NOT like dogs they think they are wolves - or so we have been told.
Saturday was our friends 40th birthday and since he husband deployed the day before we thought we would prank her so she would have something fun to think about. We were going to post-it note her car but she was out picking up one of her kids from a dance so we got the others to let us in and we post-it noted her house!! It was AWESOME!! 1,200 post-it notes on mirrors, pictures, toilets, walls and her dogs. We also got 40 $1 gift cards and stuffed them into balloons. She had to pop all 70 balloons to find the 40 that had a gift card in them. Here are some pictures from the fun. Don't worry though - on Saturday we took her and her kids to dinner so everything we did they didn't have to clean up.
Stuffing the balloons
The balloon in her room instead of car
Her bathroom mirror
Entryway mirror
Her yard - black spray painted 40. The nice thing about snow is that it isn't really vandalizing b/c it will melt (right??).

Molly Update: I get induced Feb 25th - she should be around soon!!


Sarah said...

I'm glad you are having fun and that Molly will be here soon.

Bert Burt said...

Moose visits – only in Alaska. 1,200 post-it notes, 70 balloons, and spray painted snow all add up to a sign of true friendship. Glad to see you are brightening up the day for your friend whose husband could not be there.
Looking forward to Molly’s arrival and seeing her model all of the “Ashley originals” to include shoes!

Beth Pritchard said...