Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Presiden't Day Celebration

President's Day is a military holiday so Jon had off!! The base was offering free snow tubing tickets to the first 100 people to our ski/tubing slope so we went with some friends to try and get those tickets. Free things go fast in case you were wondering and they were out before we got any so instead we went to the Army training mountain and went sledding down what I think was at least a 2 mile course. It is one of those hills that only certain people know about but someone in our group did and it was free! Everyone drove to the top and got out - 1 person drives to the bottom and picks everyone up - we all pile into a car and ride to the top to sled down again. It was so fun - Here are some pictures. In case you were wondering the kids that were not in our group and kept flying past us on their super fast sled made it down in 3minutes and 43 seconds - that is a long time to sled!! I think Jon and I made it down in like 10 minutes.

Jon crashing at the bottom

Jon and I after a trip down
The group

After sledding we went the Vince and Ashley's to have sandwiches and go ICE FISHING!! They live on a lake and their neighbors regularly fish so we thought we would find some of their holes and try out ice fishing ourselves. I am not a regular fisher because it takes patience and now I know I am also not an ice fisher but at least I can say I tried.
Jon cross country skiing on a lake.
Ashley ice fishing - I had to have some serious help getting out of that chair
The only one in our group to catch anything - Annie the dog
Annie's catch as soon as we could get a picture

Needless to say after our President's Day Celebration we were extremely exhausted - but it was so much fun. One nice thing about living in Alaska is there is never a shortage of random things to do!!

Next weekend - Outhouse racing! The McPherson's are coming into town and we plan on taking them to see what outhouse racing looks like but from what I have read you put an out house on skis and go down a hill until you crash.


HappyNomads said...

You be careful sledding down hills with molly still in uteuro!!!!

Ginger said...

I still can't believe you went sledding! I am too scared to go while pregnant! Had fun at lunch today. Yummy!

Stephanie, Dave, and Abby said...

I third your other friends.....NO sledding when you're a week away from delivering my precious niece!! I know YOU have no sense, but where was Jon???

Stephanie, Dave, and Abby said...

Now that I'm done reprimanding cool is that?? I miss you terribly, but you guys have done such cool things since you moved there. I really am jealous. And trying to figure out how to come visit.