Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fur Rondy

Remember Jon and I live in Alaska - people up here have to make their own fun. Saturday is the Running of the Reindeer (like running of the bulls in Spain but with reindeer) part of the week long celebration of Fun Rondy. What is Fur Rondy you ask - this is the time of year all the trappers brought back their furs and traded downtown - since they were all in town they decided to make a festival of it so we have tons of random fun coming up.

Fun things like:
Championship Dog Sled Racing
Frostbite Footrace
Snow Sculpture Competition
World Ice Bowling Championships
Outhouse Races
Running of the Reindeer
Dog Pull
Snowshoe Softball
Trappers and Miner's ball (supposedly protested by PETA)

Since Molly is coming Wednesday I know we will be good to go when things start Saturday! Or at least so we can see a few of the random things I mean how many people have gotten to ice bowl or see snowshoe softball (which I would participate in if not for the aforementioned delivery) or run away from reindeer chasing you down the street??
I will at least be sending Jon to see some of the fun so pictures will be posted along with pictures of Molly when she comes out after a 30 minute delivery tomorrow (ok at least not a 4 day delivery).


Ginger said...

30 minute delivery, LOL You are so funny! I hope all goes well for you. Can't wait to see your little adventurous one. Good Luck tomorrow, I will be praying for you both.

Bert Burt said...

Fur Rondy sound like a lot of fun activities rolled into a very tight schedule. Most of the activities I would try; but, I do draw the line at a Frostbite Footrace and the Running of the Reindeer. Hope you are able to keep on schedule with the 30 minutes allocated for delivery – remember you must take Molly Francis home and feed her prior to playing Snowshoe Softball. Remember Jon, while tough and fast, would not look nearly as pretty with reindeer hoof prints all over his face.

Beth Pritchard said...

I can't wait for Fur Rondy!