Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a difference a week makes

Two weeks ago we were going out with friends spur of the moment, sledding and tubing down hills and had no major responsibilities.
Last week we had Molly and life has changed (for just a short time until we get everything under control). We have gone out but it takes 30 minutes to get out the door trying to make sure we have everything we need - we learned the lesson always bring more than 1 diaper and something to put her on in a diaper bag the hard way.

Our Week of Firsts:
*Molly's first bath - therefore Jon and I giving our fist bath together
*Molly's first manicure - professionally bitten nails by Jon - I highly recommend his services since there was no blood, crying or scratching of the face after one session
*Jon's first diaper change - and a few hundred since then
*Molly's seeing her Grandma and Grandpa McPherson and Granny Head
*Molly's first, second, third, fourth and fifth skype session to meet all her family all over the world
* Jon and Grandma's first sleepless night with Molly taking shifts waking Ashley only to feed
*Molly's first night to sleep until woken for feeding - Praise the Lord
*Molly's first outing to the mall to get her pictures done
*Jon's first time to be pooped on by Molly during the photo shoot

Here is when Molly pooped all over Jon - not once but twice

Jon and I are enjoying all our time with Molly that we can while he is here - we only have a few more days until he deploys.


HappyNomads said...

Yeah for all of Molly's "firsts"! And way to go Molly for pooping on Dad and not Mom!!

taralous said...

Ahh she is just precious! Hilarious about the poop! Gotta love poopin'! lol And yes we learned the hard way about packing diaper bags and extra clothes!!! Have a blessed time together before Jon leaves. We'll be prayin!

Beth Pritchard said...

Who took the pictures? She looks so adorable! Congrats on Jon getting pooped on! That means he's really a parent now.

TJ said...

Ash & Jon ~

Belated congratulations! Just now getting a chance to see the web update but have been getting all the news through the grapevine. She's is lovely! We're so happy for you guys.

Please tell Jon that the Tulsa contingency is keeping all of you in our prayers!

God Bless everyone & we pray for Jon's speedy, safe return home to his beautiful family.

Tammy, Jason & Michael Voskuhl
Tulsa, OK