Saturday, March 21, 2009

Molly gets culture

Today the Native Alaskan Culture Center had $1 admission day and since it is normally over $20 a person my mom and I decided to go check it out and give Molly her first culture experience.
Here are Native American's from Oklahoma, Hawaii, New Mexico and Alaska doing a dance together - Molly enjoyed this so much she slept through it.
This was the first performance - if you are confused don't worry so were my mom and I until we read the program. The center highlights all natives not just the the ones from Alaska so we saw Hawaiian dancers - personally I think it is a little cold for a halter top but they had to dress in the correct costume. Molly enjoyed this so much she slept through it.
This guys shirt is made entirely of beads - no fabric at all covering him - CRAZY! He also did not get the memo it was 20 degrees today. Yep - Molly enjoyed this so much she slept through it too:)
Molly is a thumb sucker - which I am glad. That means I don't have to search for a pacifier she can just stick her thumb right in her mouth when upset. The downside is I will have to make sure she stops sucking her thumb by the time she goes to school.

Jon Update: He is one base closer to his but still not there. Luckily this time he is at a base with a friend but I know he would prefer to be at his own base!


Bert Burt said...

Molly truly has Head blood in her based on her ability to sleep anywhere while also soaking in culture at a discount price. Clearly she and I will have many enjoyable naps together in April. I can see a sleeping contest in the near future. Glad to see that she is a good baby who is not distracted by her surroundings.

Kaitlin Roten said...

I have 2 1st graders who will not stop sucking their thumb. It's gross. Thanks for making sure that this stops before she goes to school :)

N.Ward.Designs said...

She is so precious!