Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

While we are not Irish we could not pass up wearing our new green outfit that our neighbor gave us!

Molly on her way to Bible Study this morning
Her outfit said Kiss Me I'm Irish - Don't worry Jon no crazies came up to her:)

Me and Molly hanging out at the computer

Molly in her second St. Patrick's Day outfit - we had a spit up issue today.
This was say's Mommy's Little Pot of Gold and she is wearing her stylish MaryJane sock/shoes!

Molly did not get to eat anything green today but next year we will go all out with green food!!!

Jon Update: He is still on his way and one day he will be at his final destination. His birthday (and his chaplain assistant/bodyguard) is coming up and if you want to send him a birthday card just write a comment and I will email you his address - just don't want to post it on the blog really.


Tressa said...

We'd love to send a message!!

Tara said...

We'll send one!!! :)

Molly is precious!
Teagan has those socks! I love them because you don't have to wear shoes! hehe :)

Blessings to you!!