Friday, March 13, 2009

Funtastic Days

Cameo version of Molly - she was around for the funtastic days but did not participate expect to ride in her car seat from spot to spot
Sarah tubing at Hilberg with my friends - I got to sit at the bottom and cheer them on.
Elk at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
- we saw the ever dangerous porcupine, muskox, bison, deer, owls, elk, bald eagles and other random animals while driving through the center.
Sarah and I at our helicopter on top of a glacier!!!!Me in the helicopterSarah in the helicopter
Standing next to the glacier - notice our legs are covered in snow up to our knees
An ice cave in the glacier - fun place to climb in if it was not so cold
A view from the helicopter
Another view from the helicopter - notice the blue ice - that is because it is so dense that blue is the only color to reflect from it.

Sarah's last few days have been filled with excitement - tubing, eating and helicopter rides!! We have a few more hours of fun to cram in before she has to leave who knows what we will get into tomorrow!

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Beth Pritchard said...

Wow! You'll have to give me the details on how to do that fun adventure.
I'll see you in 10 days or so! Off for a short trip.
Have fun in AK!