Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jon is on his way

One of our last family photos - notice Jon and I trying to keep our cool
Last few minutes with Molly
Our goodbye at the motor pool
Last minute instructions

Jon got on a plane yesterday to start the long journey to his final destination - somewhere in Afghanistan. Jon found out today that the Brigade lost their first solider to and IED - last deployment they averaged 1 solider a week so please pray that is not the case again this time. I just got off the phone with Jon!!!! He is in Germany - half way there!


Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

crying with you and praying for you all!

Tressa said...

We are praying this will be a quick, safe journey for Jon.
It so comforting to know you have the community around you going through the same thing to comfort and care for you.
And you have one of the most amazing families I know!
God is covering and grace will overflow!

taralous said...

thinking and praying for you all...