Sunday, March 29, 2009

Volcano's, Tea's and Mollly is somewhat mobile

Mt. Redoubt erupted again - we are averaging once a day for the last week. The difference this time was last night we got our first ash fall at the base. I was out with some friends watching Mall Cop at the base theater and when we came out this is how the car looked - that is not snow.
Side note- at military theaters they play the national anthem instead of the dancing popcorn telling you to be quiet and buy food - it was pretty amazing it started and everyone in the theater stood up during the playing of it.

This is Molly after her first Chaplain Wives Tea. Every month we all get together just to hangout and do fun things. The title "tea" is a bit deceiving - we have gone to a pottery place and painted, played games and this month made smoothies.
Molly on her tummy
Oh wait - Molly on her back.
How did that happen?? Well Molly either hates being on her tummy, can't keep her feet still enough to stay on her tummy, or really likes rolling over. Right now she can only roll tummy to back. The first time I thought it was a fluke but she has done it a few times since then. I got it on video but it takes 3 minutes and while I know you all love watching her I don't think anyone would really want to watch her struggle for 3 minutes just to roll over:)

Molly crashed on the couch
Molly crashed in the recliner

Don't worry I don't leave her there too long - just long enough to get a picture. She was so upset that I said she wanted to be only like her dad she had to prove that she was also a Head - hence the ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere for extended periods of time.


N.Ward.Designs said...

What a strong little babe you have

Bert Burt said...

Molly looked very cute in her tea outfit. She does indeed have Head blood in her given her ability to sleep at any time and at any place. We will have to have a sleep off when I get there to see just how good Molly really is at sleeping. Hope Mt. Redoubt takes a break for at least a week as I prepare to head in that direction.