Thursday, April 2, 2009

Uneventful Week

Molly in her new swing! We are borrowing this for a few months until our friend Gloria has her baby.
Molly and I testing out our carrier
Don't worry - she loved it so much she slept through it. Seems like she enjoys sleeping through many new experiences in life but at least we have pictures to show her what she did.

Molly and our friend Titan. She seemed to really like him and even smiled at one point - she did not smile when I let her face get a little to close to his and he gave her a face full of doggy kisses. This is a good sign for cousin Lucky (Aunt Jenn's dog) we know Molly likes dogs at least!

This week we have not really done anything too exciting - we are saving up for when my dad (BertBurt) comes Saturday. We are going to be keeping him busy for the few days he is in town. We are going on a Whale Watching tour Good Friday - hope the whales are out!! When he leaves he is taking my mom home with him and I know Molly and I will be very sad - this will be the first time we will be by ourselves:(


Ginger said...

You will have to let me know who you go with and if you see any whales. Alicia and I always do some sort of Alaskan adventure each summer. So far we have gone whitewater rafting and actually swam in the Nenana River, and Halibut Fishing where we caught the biggest fish on a boat full of MEN! Since Im preggo we cant be too adventurous this year. Thought we would try and see some whales.

Bert Burt said...

Molly looked very excited about being in the swing, testing the carrier, and visiting with Titan. Look forward to all the adventures including Wallyball and racquetball which are now on the agenda.

Jenn said...

Ashley- Lucky is happy to know that Molly likes dogs. He is looking forward to meeting her and playing with her when she is older. The picture of her in the swing is so cute-- she looks very interested in the swing. Jenn