Monday, April 20, 2009

Women's Retreat

This past weekend was the Spring Retreat for PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel). We had a dinner at a local restaurant on Friday night and on Saturday spent the day at a Chalet overlooking the mountains. It was so much fun!! I got to know ladies a whole lot better and made a few new friends even. Molly came with me and you will never guess it but yep she loved the retreat and was so refreshed by it she slept through most of it. Never fear though she did let me have my first "OH MY GOSH" moment on Friday night. From 7-8 she cried on and off and nothing made her happy. Now granted that is always her fussy time and I know I am extremely blessed to have a child that really only has 1 hour a day where she likes to let loose but man oh man did I want to hightail it out of the restaurant. The nice thing about a women's retreat is there is never a shortage of ladies who want to sooth a crying baby and I let anyone who wanted try! Saturday she was her fun loving self and slept most of the day.

Our family style meal of fried chicken and meatloaf!

Some of the ladies Saturday morning
My token picture. The sad thing about family being gone is now I am the only picture taker so the pictures of me and Molly or even me are few and far between (and the ones that get taken give me lots of chins). By the end of May one of those chins will be gone!!

Molly in the prayer corner Saturday- she interceded for our group a whole lot :)

Okay - below are just random shots from the week with no real rhyme or reason!The above picture is what Jon's toilet looked like at the outlaying base he was stuck at for a few days. Your eyes are not deceiving you that is a PVC pipe going down the side of a cliff - if you had to do anything else you had to burn it. I am thankful I am not at that base!! He did clarify that girls don't have to use this but seriously - who really wants to go to the bathroom in THAT???
Molly on one of her many walks this week. The weather is a beautiful (40's -50's) so we have been going out every day getting some fresh air.
We made a Subway stop with some friends one day while walking and I thought I would throw Molly's glasses back on her to get a picture - as you might notice she did not enjoy that moment too much. But she does look so darn cute in the glasses - even better when they are fastened and she is not crying.
After a early morning walk - since it was not as sunny out I put on a few extra layers for her that day. She seemed to enjoy it enough to sleep through the entire thing.
Molly and I had a fill in lunch date today. Our friends lunch date didn't make it so she called us up - Molly threw on her dress that Tina, our friend, gave her (ok I put it on her but she let me) and we headed out to La Hacienda for a (not as good as Texas) great Mexican meal. I think it has already gone through Molly since she has had gas for the last hour.


The Sealey's said...

her tights always crack me up! :)

Kaitlin Roten said...

WOW! I love the t-shirts:)
And Molly's faces.