Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our first race in Alaska

Yes this guy is standing on snow in extremely short shorts with no shirt after finishing the race (I think he got first place)

Since marrying Jon I have started to enjoy races more. I must say this race was much different than the races I go to with Jon - there was no super competitive people in the group. We were all there for the fun run part. The map which showed where to park to catch the shuttles was very deceiving - no shuttle for us. We think we walked about a mile to get to the start of the race from our car but we were there for exercise so no biggie.
Some stats about the 5k heart run: over 6.500 people participated, the fastest person finished in 15 minutes, it was a balmy 35 degrees during the run, Molly finished her first race in close to one hour.

Me and Molly with her medal. Since Jon is the runner I am going to send him all of Molly's medals this year - next year he will be around to run with us!!

The start of the non competitive 5k (it started 30 minutes after the competitive so we got to watch our friends finish and then they got to walk with us)
Our group!! Jamie, Bram, Valerie, William, Hannah, Olivia, Mason, Tina, Me, Molly, Mandy, Ashley and Harriet. We had so much fun.
Molly and me at the finish - we made it!
And in case you were wondering - YES - Molly loved this event so much she slept through the whole thing:)

Video proof of Molly's sleeping ability

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Bert Burt said...

What a great way to get exercise – taking a mile-long walk in order to reach the start of the 5K heart run. Molly clearly has figured the right approach to this exercise thing – sleep and let someone else do all the work. Glad to see Molly has “earned” her first ribbon – Jon will be so proud. Clearly a natural athlete given she has both swimming and running skills. What a wonderful group of friends! Look forward to seeing pictures of you coaching the T-ball players as well as you playing softball. Molly will certainly be a well traveled child and around many fun people. Glad to see you both are enjoying life!