Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Whale of a Time

Molly has now weathered her first blizzard! We signed up to go on a whale watching tour and boy what an adventure that turned out to be. When checking the weather the day of there were blizzard conditions on most of the road to Seward, a town 128 miles south of us. Never fear though - that did not stop us! We got on the road with our friends and started driving - Granny less than thrilled. About 70 miles into the trip I could no longer see the roads, sky or anything really - my first white out OH BOY!! Molly and Dad slept while my mom sat in the back saying that there was precious cargo and that I was crazy and my knuckles were turning white from gripping the steering wheel so tight (Tina, the other driver in the caravan was having similar reactions in her car). We called ahead to make sure they were still going out and the people laughed at us like we were crazy to think that they would cancel the tour so we forged ahead and because really there was no place to turn around - everything was white remember I never really knew when/if I was going to drive off the road and into a mountain. We made it to Seward in the snowy conditions and headed out on our cruise. We did not see whales but we did see: sea otters, sea lions, seals, pods of dolphins, bald eagles and other various wild life. Here are some pictures for you viewing pleasure.

Me and Molly (Nanook of north) don't worry she did not spend much time outside - really non except for this picture and to be moved from the car to the boat.

Departing the cruise - the weather turned while we were on the boat and we could see all the roads on the trip home. It was amazing to see the roads I had driven on earlier that day.
Molly with her travel mate Granny. They spent much the tour right there. It had a great view of the water and mom did not miss seeing the wild life - she actually saw the whale and I did not see.
Some of our travel buddies: Ashley and most of the Lewis family.

Thursday night we played a friendly game of Wallyball. It was not as intense since our husbands were gone but my dad tried to make up for them. We played every imaginable combination of teams so everyone got to win at least one and lose at least one game!!
After the game pictures!

And Molly had her welcome to the World party at Radio Espresso. Since the party was in her honor we dressed her all up - first outing in a dress and it wasn't pink!!
Don't you just love the elephant legs the tights cause. Whoever thinks that a newborn and a 6month told can wear the same size are pretty funny.

At the party
The cake - Noah's ark!!!
Post party - still looking cute with the purple bow.

Jon Update:
So my friends husband sent her some pictures and since he works at the same base as Jon I am putting them here so you can see what things look like were Jon is.
A convoy

Some of the buildings on the base

How they got their luggage when they landed. I thought it was bad when there were a few other black bags to choose my from imagine 500 people with the exact same bag!
This is the one picture Jon has been able to send - his office!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter!! We will be posting Easter picks later this week.

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