Sunday, March 8, 2009

Iditarod and other fun times

This week we have done many random things so here are some pictures in random order of what we have done. My friend Sarah came into town and we all went to the Iditarod and we are going to take her to some of the scenic views in town while my mom watches Molly. Only a few more days until Jon leaves so we are making the most of every moment - it is so fun to have friends to hang out with to make it seem like life is normal.

Jon and Molly
Jon getting up close and personal with a moose near our house
Jon and our friend Sarah running into each other while sledding down Dyea. One day soon I will get to go sledding and tubing again but I just need a few more days to recover (so says Dr. Mom)
Wolf fur at Fur Rondy
Sarah and I posing as gold miners
Jon and I with the dogs running the Iditarod behind us- one of our last times to do something together before he leaves.
Molly in a newborn outfit - this is her cousin Taryn's - a little big on her right now though
Snow sculptures downtown
More snow sculptures
Jon sledding down Hilberg - our friend's Vince last day before he deployed. His wish was to go tubing with some friends and then he went on a date with his wife. Once again Ashley got to watch but when they come back I will be joining them.

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