Friday, January 30, 2009

Volcano and Great Burgers!

From the title I am sure you can guess it hasn't been all that exciting of a week. My big news is that we have a volcano that might erupt, Jon and I found the best burger and shake joint in town, we got an ultrasound and know that Molly is doing good and I had some friends over today. There is my last week in a nut shell - but here it is in pictures (always more exciting)

Mount Redoubt - supposed to erupt in the near future. We were told to get at least 3 days worth of water and food supplies ready just in case so Jon and I have a 5lb tub of peanut butter and some water ready!
A picture out of the preparedness pamphlet they sent us. Ash is going to be worse than fiber glass to breath - if it comes our way. We will have to put our computers in trash bags and change our oil and oil filter when the air is clean again. Oh yeah - we are supposed to walk around in masks and people were told not to let their pets out. What dog can hold it for 3 days??? If you do let them out you are supposed to vacuum them - CRAZY.

Arctic Roadrunner

The best burger and shake in town. Jon and I went tonight and know this will be a place we bring friends and family when they come to visit us. The food is great and the atmosphere is pretty fun. For those in Waco the shake is comparable to Health Camp's and the burgers rival Health Camp and Double R!!! Jon and I won't be able to go too often b/c with gestational diabetes a peanut butter chocolate milkshake is not really in my diet but we shared and I will find out in 30 minutes how that effected my blood levels.

Molly update - her heart rate is good and she is still kicking - we are 35 weeks along only a few more to go.


Anonymous said...

Woah volcano eruptions and shakes and burgers - you guys live a pretty exciting life. I wonder if there is a geocache on the volcano you can get before it erupts. That burger place looks pretty neat! When Kaitlin and I come (I sure hope we get to come) we might have to go to that burger place.

So when your computer is in a trash bag I take it you won't be able to blog?

Beth Pritchard said...

I heard about Arctic Roadrunner and was told it was awesome. Burgers are my favorite thing in the whole wide world to eat! We are going to have to go there this weekend!

Sarah said...

So, will Jon be bagging the car or you? I want pictures of that process...

Bert Burt said...

What an exciting week you have had! I have never heard of Mount Redoubt; nor, I have thought about being stuck inside for three days.
Having eaten at the Health Farm, I look forward to trying out the Artic Roadrunner. Great burger and shakes are two of my most favorite foods of all times. Look forward to going there with Molly and doing my own taste test.
Sad to say that I have a broken tongue but that Dr. Taryn (who discovered it tonight after I gave her a bath) said she would fix it in the morning when we play in the basement. What a talented child - already a Dr and only three years old!