Saturday, January 3, 2009

Week in Review - through pictures

Jon with his nephew Gavin - good practice for when Molly comes. Uncle Jon does not enjoy crying babies (they make him a little nervous).
Homemade chicken noodle soup. I am sick so for dinner last night I used ingredients my mom had around to house to make chicken noodle soup (she did not have a can of Campbell's or I would have used that). Who would have thought she would have everything I would need just lying around the house?? But at least for a few hours I could breath last night.
Duck Pin bowling- the pins are half size and the ball is about the size of a softball. It is great for little kids (and adults). My parents, Jon and I and my brother's family all went. Jon won the first game but my 4 year old nephew was close behind.
Head family Christmas - my mom did a scavenger hunt around the house for us to find our gifts. My gift was a pinata filled with goodies for everyone- I loved it!! Who doesn't enjoy whacking a pinata and everyone looking silly with a blind fold?? My nephew tried to whack Molly out of me on accident - I was no longer the spinner after that!
The natural science museum in North Carolina - we went to visit Jon's little sister Kaitlin and her husband Thomas who just moved to Wake Forest so Thomas could go to Southeastern Seminary. We looked through some things online and this is a recommended attraction - you should go if you are ever in town (its free even).
Geocaching - could not miss the opportunity to get another state!!
Geocaching in the rain the night we got there - not as fun as the next day (could have been the cold weather and rain).
The craziest cache we have found yet - after my yelling at Jon to try and get a rusty screw off an electrical box just knowing it had to be in there we found the cache in a stake in the ground! Good thing for teamwork!
Geocaching in West Virginia.

Jon and I are trying to get a cache in each of the 50 states by the time we are 50. We figure it gives us something to aim for and gets us to learn something interesting about either a state or town when we visit it. Right now we are at 11 states and 1 other country (Germany) - just 39 to go and hey we might even aim for each continent.

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HappyNomads said...

i know this is probably a stupid question..but what is geocaching? and what are you looking for?