Friday, January 9, 2009

What to do when it is negative 18 out in Alaska

Go see the ice sculptures in town - don't worry they won't melt.

Jon and I being Eskimos

Jon leading the dog sled - hope the dogs are as fast as him.
Sim 'em Bears!
Do a little geocaching - Jon found this one called SubZero Value City
I found this one called SubZero Not Made in America (at a Mexican Restaurant)

Yep when it is cold out you still go on about your day or else you will be miserable! We took full advantage of the 6 hours of daylight we had yesterday with Jon only working until my Dr's appointment at 10am (when the sun was rising) and then went out on the town to see the sites. Jon found the ice sculpture thing so we decided it would be a fun date idea - it was pretty fun and crazy to think that people made those from a block of ice. It might be even crazier that they won't melt becuase we were on the 10th straight day where the temp had not gotten above negative 1. Don't worry though - today was a HEAT WAVE it got to 3 degrees (yep postive) so we were out with sweatshirts and no jackets!

Dr. update - in Alaska they say they won't induce until after 40 weeks even with gestational diabetes (in Maryland they won't let you get past 39 weeks with gd) - So here's to hoping Molly will decide to come on her own at least one week early. If not Jon may leave for war without ever seeing his little girl.


Thomas said...

So, geocaching while it's -18 degrees outside; that's pretty daring. And it was with ice sculptures. I think that Kaitlin and I need to up our game a little bit...starting with buying a new GPS.

N.Ward.Designs said...

Praying for early arrival

artlady said...

We are praying for an early, safe arrival as well.
Do you have a webcam? Maybe you can some video emails in the coming months as well.