Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back in Alaska

What we pulled up to at 3am
The deck
Who is this?
Steve -our neighborhood shoveler
Jon - in his new Army issued glasses

After 2 weeks for Jon and 2 months for Ashley we are both back in Alaska in our own house. Today Jon didn't have to work too much so after dropping him off at 9am I picked him up at 11:30am and we started out on a day of spending gift cards on Molly. We ran to Target and got some items - found out the car seat is an online item only yet it is displayed in the the store with no tag that says that so saved some Target money for last minute buys. Then onto BabiesRUs where we got the mattress pad, changing table pad, car seat (since they had it in the store), and a few other things. All in all we spent only a few of our own dollars and were able to put most on gift cards!! When we got home Jon rearranged the room where Molly's bed is not under the window- assemble all her new items and do general baby things! Tomorrow I start the fun process of doing Molly's laundry since she can't just wear items off the shelf. Then onto organizing her closet.

Funny story from our last day in Maryland - we went to Dave and Busters after watching some movies at the mall (guys went to Valkyrie and girls to Marley and Me) and I hit the JACKPOT!!! That's right - on one of those put a coin in and see how many coins it will knock off I knocked off a lot (over 11,105 tickets worth). Why might you ask did I say over 11,105 - because at that point after asking 3 staff if this was right and them having to replenish the tickets we just walked off - with the game guy loading more tickets. It took over 30 minutes for the machine to dispense all those tickets and if I thought it would have given me 80,000 I might have stayed since I could have got an X-box 360 but we didn't have any more room in our luggage for anything so I gave my tickets to my parents to spend on some other people (and since it was the token my mom gave me that started it all)

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