Saturday, January 17, 2009

The land of EXTREMES

Earlier this week we were in the negative 20's and were freezing. We still went outside because who really wants to be cooped up in a house for months at a time. They say the weather is never bad it is your gear that is bad. Luckily for us Jon has a lot of military issued gear.

Here is Jon after a run outside.
At least on the weekends he will go to the base gym with me since I refuse to exercise outside in crazy cold weather - I just go outside to get from point A to point B (usually Target).

Well for the past few days we have had a heat wave - temps in the 40's. The problem is that means all the snow started to melt and the roads were still cold so we lived on the world's biggest ice rink. They shut the entire base down on Tuesday because of unsafe driving conditions. With the warm air came crazy winds and last night when it was 40 degrees out and raining the 45 mile an hour winds took their toll. We lost electricity for 4 hours - starting at 6pm. So we had a game night. We played scrabble, Yahtzee and rummikub all under candlelight - how romantic:)

Today the 40 degree remains the rain has stopped and so have the winds so we are going geocaching and exploring around town!

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Bert Burt said...

Hard to believe but it was warmer there than it was in PA where we went to Snow Camp for a Youth Retreat. It was down in single digits on Friday night but got up to 20 on Sat and Sun. One of the camp directors said that there was a power outage for over 1/2 of Somerset County. Luckily, we were not in that 1/2.
Your romantic game night sounds like you made the best of a bad situation and had a fun time doing it. Hopefully there will be a heat wave in Mar when we visit.