Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Birth in the Family!

Teddy the bear was born tonight at 7:22pm. She was birthed at 5th Ave Mall weighing 8.6 oz and 15 inches long. She is very advanced for her age - she is already talking (and potty trained).Jon and Teddy

My brother made a monkey for his daughter at build a bear with a voice message when he had to go across the world for Exxon for a few months without the family so Jon and I stole the idea and made Teddy for Molly. The special thing about Teddy is that she has a recorder in her that has Jon talking to Molly. Because of this I won't be able to wash Teddy until the sound dies but I know that Molly (and I) will enjoy getting to hear Jon talk to her and tell her that he loves her and is praying for her.
Hopefully this time next month Molly will be ready to make her appearance so she can see her grandparents and Jon before it is too late!


Beth Pritchard said...

We did the same thing but with the loppy eared bunny. We named her Pinkie. She's the bunny in Joelle's crib.
Build A Bear is such a great idea for the deployments.

Stephanie, Dave, and Abby said...

That's an awesome idea!

Bert Burt said...

Your family is growing every month - great idea so that Molly will become familar with Jon's voice. Look forward to seeing Teddy and Molly (who will most certainly also be very advanced) as they discuss life in the McPherson household.