Sunday, January 18, 2009


While out geocaching in a park.
Don't let this picture fool you - yes it is beautiful but all that snow to walk through is not that much fun. There were parts where we sunk 6 inches into mud/snow. Even though we were unsuccessful in finding caches we at least got out and experienced Alaska.

We walked 500 feet into the woods to "find" our treasure since it was buried under leaves in October after 10 minutes we realized that finding it would be learning impossible so we moved on.
Not only did Jon get BCG glasses in the regular form but in the mail Saturday he received the sunglasses version of army issued glasses. Hard to resist someone who has glasses that stylish - right?? At least Molly will have some great dress up gear or if we were in Waco we would be able to supply the skit closet with new glasses:)

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