Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cubbie of the week

The AWANA here has Cubbie of the week.  This person gets to bring Cubbie bear home the week that their parent has signed up to bring snacks for club.  Cubbie comes with a binder and at the end of the week we print off a sheet that has pictures of all the adventures Molly and cubbie had.  She was so excited to get to bring this home this week and if the typhoon doesn't pass soon she will get to keep him a little longer!
Night one!  So excited to have a new buddy to sleep with

Took Cubbie to our egg place and shared some custard

Mrs. Grace - one of her teachers comes for dinner and games each Monday!
Cubbie got to play on their team

Cubbie got to see Sesame Street

One excited girl!

Cubbie got to be part of the Typhoon Tent Time!
Watched a movie and slept downstairs in the tent with the big girls

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