Sunday, October 13, 2013

Camping and Tug of War

This four day weekend Jon and I each picked an adventure.  Jon's adventure was a one night camping trip, mine was the world's largest tug of war.  Molly has been talking non stop about camping since we mentioned it and today kept asking when we would be going again.  It was mostly good for our family minus that sleeping part when Kelly thought the tent was her playground and she didn't need to stay in her designated area.  Our campsite was on the beach so we could walk down and play in the sand, collect sea glass then come back and eat or play in the tent which was some people's favorite.
Today we attended the world's largest Tug of War the rope weighed 43 tons and was over 200 meter long (not quiet the miles I was told earlier).  We invited a friend along and well none of us were exactly sure what to expect but an hour delay in pulling the rope was not it!  When we arrived people were getting ready to pull so we grabbed the rope, got some pictures then got whistled at as they grabbed the rope back in order to do all the ceremonially stuff.  We watched as the east vs west kings did their stuff and then got carried down the rope to met in the middle pulled a little on the rope and then left before the crowds ran over us and our small children.
One night camping takes as much stuff as 5 with this family

Ready to camp

Hanging out the beach

Dad more food

We love the tent

Smores on the only fire allowed


Love smores

Why can't I hold my own?


Somebody loves her daddy and loved his lap

My buddy who refused to leave my lap

Good morning at sunrise!  If only she slept.

At the train station on our way downtown

First monorail trip

Peek a boo

Going in!

Not so sure about this tug of war thing

Grace, Jon, Kelly and Molly on the ceremonial pull

You took me from camping to this mom???

Really mom I am excited

Couldn't cut off the rope with our small scissors
Didn't want to get in trouble since knives are prohibited!

Ok this isn't too bad - pretty cool!
Molly's second Guinness book of world record event

Listening to the drumming

Ohhhh- let me down so I can get lost in the crowd

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