Thursday, October 24, 2013

Devotions with little kids

Figuring out how to do quiet/devotional time with small kids has been a struggle of mine.  They can't read or really write (so I thought) and well it just didn't dawn on me to try and include them.  Jon listened to this sermon online and said I should really take the time to listen to it.  After stalling for about a week I finally put it on while it was a Kelly and mom morning.  The Siebert's gave some really good practical advice that I knew I could at least try.  Here is the link to the sermon where there is a lot more things about how to raise a family that loves God
Here is what I took away:
1. Get the girls a journal
2. Set a place and do it right when everyone wakes up
3. Everyone can meet with Jesus no matter how small

We started doing this last week and the girls actually seem to enjoy coming to the study right as they wake up and grabbing their journals.  After reading a story they then get to either draw a picture about it or write how it made them feel.  Molly has surprised me as she actually started writing things if I would spell them for her.  Riley likes to have parts of her pictures drawn and then take it from there. 
Today I was downstairs when everyone woke up and we ate breakfast first.  Molly looked up at me after finishing and said Mom we didn't do our time with Jesus we have to go upstairs.  Who can argue with that?  So today while we had our devo time I took some pictures.

Molly drew a picture of Jesus calming the storm

Riley wanted to show her picture of Jonah from the other day

The bible we use in the mornings
Jon reads the Jesus Storybook at night

A graduation present from some friends at my church growing up.
This way I could read the whole Bible
Now I have even read a grown up version the whole way through a few times!

Kelly either cuddles or steals my journal

Thanks Mayo family for inspiring me to read the Bible all the way through as I set off for college.  My girls have now had their kid Bibles read to them many times all the way.  

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