Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fun times dressing up

Between trunk or treats, hallelujah parades and other events we have had lots of opportunities to wear our dress up clothes lately.  The girls love dressing up and I am glad they have had opportunities to interact with others. 
treats at our egg place!

We get to dress up and go out in public and you are ok with that!! SCORE

The McP Castle at Trunk or Treat
with Queen and her princess and a knight to defend us

Had to keep an eye on this one she tried to steal others loot

toilet paper race

Does it include someone touching me - why yes I am in!

Daddy - I can't see

We love to dress up the door too

some more foam creations
Molly, Riley and Kelly with a little help from mom

Coloring some turkey sheets

Dressed and ready for their school parade

So glad the teacher are bi-lingual and translated for me:)

Riley's class - she is holding her teachers hand

Love getting candy and holding her teachers hand

Molly in the back with her class

What loot looks like in Japan
Lots of corn crunchy things, jello things and crackers and then some candy thrown in by the American families

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