Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Japanese Field Day

All the schools have a field day once a year.  This year it happened to fall on the same day as Columbus Day and the day that the Redskins v Cowboys game would be airing on our side of the world.  Jon was super excited b/c that meant he could watch the game since he had off from work- the girls school field day was the exact time as the game and he chose being with them instead of watching the game live.  Luckily I had my iPhone so he could at least watch the updates - big sacrifice:)
For the field day the whole school got in front of the parents and sang some songs that we actually knew.  They sang Superhero by Hillsong and then a Japanese song that I couldn't tell you what it was.  Next Riley's class did a little Mickey Mouse performance where they dressed like Mickey and Minnie.  Then Riley stood there and refused to participate and ended the performance with lots of tears.  I don't think she will be our center of attention performer she is more of the behind the stage kind of person.  Molly's class followed up with a drum song and the pineapple song.  The school had races for each class - Riley's was a sled race where parents pulled the kids and Molly's class had a soccer race.  This was followed by an optical course (that is what it said on the paper but since it was in both Japanese and English I should be impressed since I can't do that).
To end the day we did many tug of wars.  Boys v. Girls, Kids v. Parents, Dads v. Moms, Japanese Dads v. American dads, Japanese Moms v. American Moms. 
What we are learning is that in Japanese culture there is a lot of talking to explain things and build up before events start.  I am glad they had one teacher who translated everything to English so we could know a little of what was going on.  At the end they gave all the kids a wrapped present that was snacks for the kids.  There were curry puffs, pineapple puffs, a few other mystery things and one that was like a curry fruit rollup.  Kelly really enjoyed the curry rollup but no one else did!
To finish off our night Kelly fell while running with a broken coffee mug and cut her face.  A quick trip to the ER with a friend to hold the bandage on her face while Jon stayed home with the big 2 and we came home with her face glued together!
Natural born performer??

If I don't look at them they aren't there

Look at me!!!!
I am drumming

Optical course

Optical course

Look at our awards!!

tug of war

American Men Vs.

Japanese Men

What is in my present?

That was so good it made me sleep

All stitched up

More traumatic than getting glued up-
Mom taking away the jelly beans after she showed 7 in her mouth

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