Friday, October 11, 2013

Trip with New Friends

During his 3 day work week because of the typhoon and Columbus Day Jon and some of the guys in his unit planned a trip to the aquarium with families.  The plan was to leave Friday morning to go to the aquarium hang out there for the day then go to Pizza in the Sky (best pizza ever) and go home with exhausted kids.  The day started off with the girls decided 6:30 was a good wake up time but some were not as ready as others to face the day. After breakfast then lazing around for a little while we loaded up in the van and drove to the aquarium.  When we got there we met the other two families - one family had kids 7,4,2 and the other had a 4 &2 so the girls were in heaven with lots of kids their age to play with.  We saw the dolphins, whales, sharks , sea turtles and had those loud American kids who couldn't stop laughing and chasing each other.  We got to Pizza in the sky right around sunset and our party of 14 made the atmosphere a little less romantic for the many couples that were there for a sunset dinner but again the kids had a blast!!
Not ready to face the day - good nap time on the drive up


Her favorite spot

jumping on jellyfish

Molly asked to take a picture of Kelly and I

Favorite photo stop

Playing chase at lunch

Waiting for the dolphin show

Family shot!

Waiting for dinner

Post dinner fun watching the sunset

Guys discussing the upcoming Football
Some are excited the cowboys v redskins game is Monday here and it is a day off for him

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