Saturday, October 5, 2013

Typhoon Times

We are experiencing our first ever typhoon!  After doing all the necessary preps like getting plenty of junk food, gas in the cars, water to drink for a few days and putting up everything outside we had to get out before the typhoon hit.  Yesterday we spent the day at an indoor play place, eating amazing Okinawa taco rice, chowing down on some ice cream and running at the track with some serious winds and getting our energy out.  We pulled out the tent last night and let the big girls have a sleep over downstairs after watching the movie - Moe and the Big Exit.  Around midnight the typhoon hit and the winds picked up along with rain.  We have spent the entire day in the house as a family and most of it has been great!!  It is a good thing these don't hit often or I might gain a ton of weight because I have used it as an excuse to make some comfort food and enjoy a few high calorie drinks!  We have had bacon dip, bacon, a big breakfast, ravioli, meatballs, cupcakes, brownies, chips and we still have ice cream for tomorrow along with the pumpkin spice lattes I have made for myself.  In between eating we have played games, made forts and taught some cooking skills and not watched any tv (minus naptime when Jon played some Batman).  Don't worry though we have eaten the cantaloupe, bananas and apples I bought to get some good stuff in us and not just typhoon chips as Molly likes to call them since I don't buy them otherwise.
Pumpkin Latte thanks to Katherine Myers FB post

the start of the fort

worker bees

too much work - this was after a mid morning nap!
I love her and her happy times

Typhoon chips - some happier than others about that

the century on the lookout

You will not take my castle
Playing the day before the typhoon hit

helping set up the tent

Let the fun begin!
Lets hope the typhoon ends soon because another is on its way!!

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Allison said...

Oh my! I totally want to stuck in a typhoon with you all!