Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Sewing Lessons and our pillowcase dresses

After finding a fabric store in town I decided to take a rainy day and make some pillowcase dresses.  The girls and I ran to House of 66 cents and grabbed some material that they all loved.  It had yellow and purple and fun designs - something for everyone.  Once they went down for their naps I busted out the sewing machine and started creating the dresses.  While some seamstresses can take hours to create things I have the ability (or lack of patience) to knock things out pretty fast.  I tested my first one on the biggest to make sure things were to  scale and then started on the little ones.  After finishing them all I thought I would give Molly her first sewing lesson and Riley heard me so she also got her first lesson.  The girls got to sew 5 dresses for their baby dolls from the scraps.  It was easier to teach Molly than Riley but they both seemed to enjoy themselves and their creations.
Dresses ready for the girls to wear
modeling the dress

Ready to learn

The finished product

drawing a line so we know where to cut

Have to work on those skills a little but learning

Molly helped capture the moment

Riley capturing a moment of learning

The final products. 
Lots of babies dressed to match:)


Mandy said...

Love! We had our first sewing lesson on Monday! great minds think alike! Ours doesn't post quite yet but it was scarves, y'all prob don't need those so much since we hardly do :). I hadn't thought to do pillowcase dresses for baby dolls -genius! I may be borrowing that one

Natalie Ward said...

I am WAY impressed. I want to be in your family :)