Monday, October 7, 2013

2 Typhoons in 2 days

After surviving a day of house arrest for Typhoon Fitflow we had a brief one day respite where we could get out of the house.  We attended chapel, Jon and the little girls went to a birthday party while Molly and I went to AWANA.  When we got home we got news that we could expect to be on house arrest for Typhoon Danas on Monday.  For some reason a second day didn't seem as exciting after only getting out for a few hours.  For our excitement while Kelly napped in the morning we had a family painting party.  Jon managed to paint one picture while Molly and Riley ran through about 20 pieces each.  They didn't seem to understand you could take your time on one piece they were going more for quantity.  We now have some artwork to mail out.  Instead of forts we watched a movie, cleaned the house and baked some foods.  In the afternoon while the little 2 napped we played the game Life with Molly.  It has become a tradition to play the game once a week after our friend Ms. Grace reintroduced us to the game.  When she moved to the island she talked about how it was her favorite game so we bought it one day to play with her and let her borrow it while they were in the hotel.   She has given it back to us but on Mondays she is our dinner guest and many times it is the game we play after we eat.  Because the typhoon was right on top of us during dinner she didn't get to come yesterday - if you are caught outside on base you can get a ticket and the soldiers chain of command gets notified and gets in trouble and we didn't think her husband would appreciate a call like that while deployed.  We all missed our Monday dinner buddy but we will just have to make it another day this week.  But I did get my Monday cleaning in with the help of Jon this time!
Art time

Cleaning is so fun with little helpers

parents who were not as inspired so tv it is

Chicken pot pie in the making!!

Monday games

Jon's artwork - Riley drew a nice green line on her face
It only frustrated him a little:)

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Allison said...

Jon's biceps are huge in his painting!!!