Saturday, September 28, 2013

Okinawa World

Today's adventure - Okinawa World!!
This place has a cave, habu museum (snakes), tropical gardens, eisa drumming shows and tons of tourist traps to walk through on the way out.
Lets start with the Habu museum which is a building with tons and tons of snakes.  There was a snake show while we were in the building so we speed through to get the show.  We walked in to no seating so we stood on the side of the room while the lady spoke super fast with a snake in a cage.  She then put 2 balloons down in the cage one with water and one without and antagonized the snake.  The snake was fine until the one with water got near and then it attacked and the balloon was gone - so moral of that lesson??  Don't have a water sound and bug snakes when you see one.   Next up was the muskrat vs. water snake - there were 2 tubes and the animals raced against each other to the opposite side.  The muskrat easily won and we found out they are the natural predator of the habu (venomous snake found all over the island).  Last part of the presentation was titled trainer vs. Cobra.  Let me just say Jon and I were not prepared for what would be happening since we were about 10 ft from the presentation and the only thing that really separated us was a 6 inch tall piece of glass.  The trainer started to insult the cobra and showing its weakness - blind spot behind its head.  She would put her foot in front of the cobra and it started to hiss then she would mess with it using the snake stick and then she would reach behind it and smack its head.  Seriously no joke slap so hard its head hit the ground - followed by some hisses.  That was followed by Jon picking up Riley me grabbing Molly and trying to figure out what we would do with Kelly in the stroller.  The trainer then slapped the cobra a few more times just to show how it really can't see behind its head but really I was good after the first time.  After the show they were bringing out a snake you could take a picture with but we decided to leave as fast as possible because really we were not so sure about that part.  While looking at the exhibit about snake bites a solider from Jon's unit came and we talked about the crazy snake show and they told us how we should have taken pictures with the snakes - it wasn't too bad.  But we were both good without getting that photo!!!!
Next up was the cave which was AWESOME!!  It has stalactites and stalagmites that were so great to see.  The girls have been reading Bernstein Bears and Spooky Cave and the girls loved seeing a cave in real life.  Luckily we were not as clumsy as Papa Bear and we made it through without falling.  It was amazing to see and it went on forever.  We took a few photos and enjoyed seeing the fish in the water.  Jon may or may not have taken money out of a jar for the girls to throw into the water for a wish.  He thought that was what it was there for but with the people behind us giggling we are pretty sure they money was to be left in the jug.  Oh well - you live a learn.
When we got out of the cave we stopped for some awesome pineapple juice and watched others drink coconut milk from a whole coconut.  While we were enjoying our rest a nice little old lady kept coming up to Kelly and rubbing her cheeks then she gave her chocolate and then I guess felt sorry for the other 2 and gave them candy also.  During this whole process about 20 people gathered around her to watch her and ogle her.  After that we managed to sneak away.
The next place - pottery barn.  I took Molly with me and we speed through that while Jon waited outside with the 2 who might have touched and broken many expensive things.  This was followed by the glass blowing area.  Next time I am going to make my own vase!! It was really interesting to watch a guy make one - with the help of the experts.  The final part of the day was an eisa drum show.  This is a very big thing here and getting to see one up close with pros and not the elementary kids we normally see at festivals was really interesting.  They drummed, sang, danced and there was even a dragon dance.  For the final song they let people come up and dance with them.  Holding Molly back was not an option - she had been jumping and dancing the whole time so we went up to the front and joined in.  Jon managed to fall asleep a few times through the show (he did run 20 miles this morning since he is training for a marathon). 
All in all the day was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves!  This will be on the short list of places we bring visitors (hint hint people).
Welcome to Okinawa World

The trainer vs cobra

did that seriously just happen??

snakes in a tank

In the cave

A family photo!

So cool!!

Needed a short break

The only bats we saw

shisa dolls!

Walking on stilts

Habu liquor
A treat here on the island for $6 a shot

Fighter ship

Dinner at Café latte - smile Riley

Smile Kelly

Outside the officers club a fish pond.
All good until Kelly tried to jump in

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