Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Everyday Fun

The girls and a I have been able to do some fun things with Jon and friends these past few weeks.  There are times I forget we are in a foreign country and then I take my awesome kids to the store/park/beach and it turns into touch fest with the locals and I then remember.  I am thankful that they love people and will interact with them even though none of us know what the other is saying, except the old man who kept making a hugging motion and saying cute while pointing at Kelly.  At the 5 month mark we have hit a nice rhythm with school, chapel and work.  Jon became the Family Life and Discipleship Pastor last week (children's pastor) at chapel.  They wanted chaplains to be in charge of certain ministries and since we were heavily involved it was a natural fit:) 
double cab truck in Okinawa

rub a dub dub 3 mcp's in a tub

school lunch for the big girls

Letting Riley be the driver

aun pan man - the bean filled donut man who is everywhere

Kelly getting to drive - cheap mommy wouldn't put money in it for her though

Molly got to feed the elephant

They both liked seeing them at a distance

Gotta love mom and dad:)

Kid sized toilets in the middle of the museum short enough you can watch them but not drag everyone in.
This place does kids well

Left Jon and Kelly watching football and played some free putt putt

Mexican food!!!

Keeping it classy!

Fireworks on the trampoline

Bounce house with balloons!!!

In her big girl bed with a Japanese bed rail. 
Put together with not being able to read a word!

Girls got to pick out 100 yen pottery

Living on an island has some perks!
Sunset at the beach then ice cream.

Couldn't stop from getting wet - but still willing to go get ice cream.

Molly was not a fan of the birds chasing her so she jumped on Kelly

Riley - also not a fan so I put her on my back

Lunch with the Lemurs

Somebody thinks she is a big girl

More go-carts!

She loves life - she just has a loud way of expressing it.

Kingdom Kids

Across the street from school is an awesome beach so I packed swimsuits and we played!
Potty training and the beach = ROUGH TIMES

Practicing hospitality - BONUS friends bring dessert!

They love sharing a room!!


Bert Burt said...

Great BLOG - full of pictures and stories of the world's greatest grandkids! - I'm sure everyone will agree.

Mandy said...

love all the pics! and I agree they do kids well - those potties are awesome!