Sunday, August 25, 2013


I love the weekend because that means I can convince Jon that we should go do crazy things that we are not exactly sure how they will turn out and still get back in time for bed.  After a week with heavy winds and a potential typhoon when it cleared we went on TWO (that's right people two) adventures.  Our trampoline flew out of our yard one day during the week so we flipped it over and put sand bags on it to make sure that didn't happen again and it made playing in our back yard a new adventure. They wrote on the trampoline with chalk and on the ground and then played in a bucket of water. 
Friday night we saw someone in our neighbors car who is out of town so I ran outside to stop whoever it was.  It happened to be some other neighbors who are driving it around the block weekly to help the battery.  Since I ran out to stop them we started to talk and they invited us to go to a some falls in town and we took them up on it.  We would never have been able to find this place on our own.  It was so fun to go with our neighbors and their parents - Molly might have suckered a piggy back from the grandpa in the group.  The falls were amazing and we had a fun time playing in the water and throwing rocks and then a picnic. 
Today we tried to snorkel again and that was a bust.  Molly did not enjoy it, Jon fell and busted his leg, Riley sat crying and Kelly just looked at us like we were crazy.  So we loaded up the car and went a little farther down the shoreline to a netted off beach area.  The girls loved playing in the ocean and I saw some jellyfish caught on the outside of our net so I was glad we were in the net!!  We now have sand everywhere but we had a fun 4 hours at the beach. 
Bucket of water and chalk - FUN TIME

Laying on the trampline

Following our neighbors to some hidden falls

Ready to hike

Made it to the falls

The girls enjoyed having grandparents who were willing
to share some love with neighbor girls

Picnic at the falls

Climbing the rocks

Ready for church

Getting ready to snorkel - didn't happen

Right before dad fell and busted his leg

Beach bum
Only had a group of 10 people surround her and talk to her for 30 minutes

Riley wanted to wear her swim cap since so the locals had it

Tried the bean shave ice - heard it was good
I am going to go with different and not a reorder

Hawaiian blue and Mango always good

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