Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ai International Preschool

Today the big 2 started preschool here.  I am excited to see all that they learn (and maybe teach me).  It is a local preschool but they speak English and Japanese in school and teach both to the kids.  They were excited this morning especially since for drop off everyone is together and then you split into your classes so they get to go in together each day.  We walked up the stairs and they were taking their shoes off throwing their backpacks off and running into the class.  I thought since it was just baby K and me we could run to the gym and get a short workout in.  Short was the key word as she screamed the entire time from her kiddie area - we might have scared off one family and been highly irritating to another but I did get 1 mile in on the elliptical before calling it quits.   Now we are going to clean the house and enjoy an hour before pick up time!!
This describes life post VBS - catching up on some rest

Our semi-annual growth chart update!!

Where I have spent a lot of time since Saturday and hurting my back

Woke up and the trampoline was gone - oh just down a few houses

Molly excited for school

Riley excited for school

A hug to give each other courage

Going to class

No shoes in school

Kelly doesn't think the kid area is all that great - hoping she will change her mind!

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