Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy and Fun Week

This past week was VBS at our chapel and that meant waking up each morning by 6:45 so we could get everyone up, fed and dressed before leaving and getting things ready.  We were on the go most of the day so our meals this week were leftovers or super easy 15 minute prep meals followed by some family fun each night.  Some nights we jumped on the trampoline others learned how to climb walls and one night was movie night.  We learned how to Strand Strong with God and as the week progressed and many volunteers had emergencies come up and miss and we got to see God help the leaders stand strong!  So thankful for friends on the island I could call up to help serve - Abby and Grace came and helped in crews and stations and loved on the kids!  On Thursday we presented the gospel and 3 kids accepted Jesus which was pretty awesome!!!  The kids were begging to go back to chapel on Saturday and were disappointed when they found we won't be going back everyday next week.
Saturday for fun we went to the Japanese pool - one of the favorite places for the girls.
Molly loved being in the big kid class

Running around in high heels - what every girls does, right??

Something I am more comfortable with -
Climbing walls without high heels!

Family de-stress time

Maybe 6:45 5 days in a row was a little much for some!

Saturday fun - Japanese pool

Rockin the swim caps

Daddy throwing the water toys

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