Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paleo, Playing and a Date!

For the month of Sept I decided to try and do the Whole 30 (paleo/caveman) to kick start trying to get healthier.  One nice thing about living here is all the local markets with tons of veggies!  Jon however is training for a marathon so the meat/veggie/fruit doesn't work all the great for him.  So dinner is mostly paleo with a few extras for the rest of the family.  I have learned many new ways to cook veggies and some are actually good and a few are well we won't be doing those again!  Eggplant lasagna is one of those not going to happen again meals - not only did it not taste all that great but it had a very bad impact only the families digestive systems.  Diapers and paleo =NO FUN!
We have been taking time to play at the beaches and parks around town as the weather is getting "cooler." The girls love getting to do anything outdoors which is really nice. 
We went to the dentist for the little two and learned that there is no fluoride on the island so we have to supplement for the girls teeth - fun times! 
Well the screaming has picked up so blog time is over.

After school fun at the beach

Big girl bed

They love being together

rice or cauliflower??

She does love butter chicken and naan

every time we get eggs she wants her picture with this thing

she loves swinging

Molly dressed everyone for the day
Notice Hello Kitty??

Date night when your wife is eating paleo??
All you can eat meat and veggie place!

Best way to end a date - sunset on the beach

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