Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Party, Ice Cream Dates and AWANA

What do you do on those days where you want to pick up a little so you can actually clean the floor where milk, juice and random other foods and been waiting to long to be mopped up??  You come up with a random adventure for your buddies like go under the couch and watch a episode of Doc Mcstuffins.  Riley has some sort of iPad sensor - no matter where I hide it she manages to find it and find a quiet spot to sit and play with it.  That being said she gets a lot more tech time than the others but the others don't seem to mind because they are playing together nicely without the antagonizer.
Every month we find something new and exciting about living here.  So we found out about Snow Lagoon which has ice cream specials on the 9,19 and 29 awhile ago - NOW we found Blue Seal which has BIG SCOOP night on the 10 &20!!  Big Scoop night you pay for one normal school and you get 2 (yes I said 2) small free scoops.  When they serve it to you it looks like Mickey Mouse with the head and 2 ears.  Molly thought she should have a whole one to herself but I reminded her that her mommy is a cheapskate so we would be buying 2 and sharing but she could put in her request for a big scoop.  They best part of the adventure??  No diaper bag and one person peed through their diaper and another sister decided it was time to deliver a large package - Jon and I only got a little frustrated.  But it was worth getting the ice cream- right? Well I am in the middle of my Whole 30 with Paleo so I don't actually  get to eat the ice cream but seeing the happy faces of little girls did make it worth it.
Molly got invited to one of her friends birthday parties and she was so excited.  It was a bowling party and she loved getting to bowl.  Riley had some unnatural fear of the bowling ball for the first 5 frames as she cried and screamed while we helped her get over her fear.  By the end she and Molly loved bowling together and could even carry their own 6 lb ball to the lane and didn't want our help.  Being that it was a spongebob birthday there was a yellow cake and Riley was so happy to get her big slice of the cake!  The mom even brought coloring sheets for the kids to color while they weren't bowling and the girls loved that.  It was so fun to see the girls get so excited to play with friends and have a fun party to be apart of. 
So since Sept 1 I have been doing the Whole 30 which is also called the caveman diet or clean eating.  I can eat meat, veggies and fruit and really nothing else.  Molly and I have had many discussions on why mommy is cooking different things and not eating the ice cream with the family or getting diet cokes.  After 3 rounds of diabetes with the girls I am trying to get healthy and thought this would be a good kick start.  I have learned you can replace rice with cauliflower for fried rice and mashed potatoes.  So far I do feel better but I must say I miss diet cokes!!  My mini paleo police won't even let me have pretend ones.  Yesterday while playing kitchen Molly asked what I would like and my response was diet coke.  She responded you can't have that it has sugar mom. 
iPad under the couch= 20 minutes of quiet time

mom of the year! Left Kelly with a black washable marker - BAD PLAN

So glad we brought the dune racer!

Trampolines are for strollers and dolls

Ice Cream misadventures

spongebob bowling party

learning to bowl

Really thought she should be able to play

yellow cake!

love cake

really wants to be a big girl

My cubby with the big purple bow